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By Admin 2020-02-22

Emerging Trends & Techniques for Securing India’s Transformation

“Digital Disruption” has been a key buzzword in almost all Business and Technological discussions in last few years. The way Digital technologies disrupted our age-old outlook of life & work.  As happens with every innovation, the impact of Digital Technologies started with a very narrow adoption (remember IBM computers in 1970’s & Mobile phone entry into early 1990’s).  But unlike earlier inventions which took couple of decades to become a mass utility, Digital revolution took couple of years to reach and surpass adoption stages never seen earlier in history.  Internet led the fuel to this fire and it was a matter of few years when we saw Digital Disruption 1.0 rampant with SMAC (Social Media, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud) covering and impacting every nook & corner of this world.  At its inception, very few people anticipated the pace at which the internet would spread across the world, or the impact it would have in remaking business and culture. And yet, as journalist Oliver Burkeman wrote in 2009, “Without most of us quite noticing when it happened, the web went from being a strange new curiosity to a background condition of everyday life.” Technology what we see today has come a long way, though much faster in last 2 decades than ever.  Artificial Intelligence and IOT has created a wave of transformation which is faster, agile and much easier to adopt and adapt.  India is undergoing a major digital and economic transformation from Digital India to demonetization to cashless economy. Technology plays a very important role in this metamorphosis of Indian Digitization and subsequently economy. As the technology is progressing, IT industry is going through a massive change and technologies like cloud, Analytics, Mobility, and Internet of Things (IOT) have started transforming the industry horizon. 


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