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By Admin 2020-01-30


Increase business agility and Winning Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy for penetrating International Market 


With all due diligence, a GTM strategy helps you to answer some of the trickiest questions which all the executive wonder. Some people confuse a GTM with business plan however, they are related but different. Some of the critical questions include: 


> What are the common trends and trigger events that might cause your prospects to start searching for solutions?


> How do you offer a compelling value proposition?


> How do you deliver on what you’ve promised?


> Positioning statement 


GTM strategies are crucial for new products or targeting for a new region wherein market penetration chances are high. 


To make things easy, Gokaddal can help in order to increase the global market share where the solution providers can concentrate more on product quality while increasing market penetration globally. 


Steps for developing professional services Go-To-Market Strategy


Define your target market: Better to start off with the kind of problem your organization wants to solve. Growth, Geographic location, existing client base, competitive advantage are all important consideration that goes while selecting markets. Exclusive research on market size, growth prospects and dynamics are essential for building a road map. 


Profile your target client: Which segment are you likely to add the most value to? Which segments are most likely to be a good fit for your firm? Within a broad market, there are typically a wide range of clients. This task gets touch especially when you target the international market. 


 Position your brand in the marketplace: If you want and be an innovator with a competitive advantage, positioning your product or service in a market is an important job in order to stay ahead of your competitor. This is a space where platform like Gokaddal will help you grow in revenue and leverage in choosing omnichannel strategy. 


Develop an appropriate marketing strategy: Most firms start and search for audience. That’s a mistake. The services you offer should flow from the target and positioning, not the other way around. Your market strategy in a long term asset in achieving your goal. It will be taking time to fit the right strategy with given resources however, the customer perspective will have a better impact. 


Ready to Go to Market?


The four steps I’ve outlined here are a great place to start on the road to developing an efficient, effective go-to-market strategy for professional services. For any plan to be successful, though, it must be flexible and current. Gokaddal is one of the platform where you can leverage these strategies pre-loaded and hit the market. Firms can get a measurable impact in terms of engaging customer traffic alone with selling your product and service internationally. 


As your market and industry conditions change, be ready and willing to revise your go-to-market strategy to keep pace. Nothing should be carved in stone. 


For further queries, you can mail me on cbo@merkado.com 



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