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By Admin 2020-01-30

   We have an opportunity to continually reinvent ourselves. I think that just like we were talking about changing the way digital technology is delivered, we must talk about what we must change as a society. We are a society that expects real time instant gratification. So how do we move forward. Digital technology and innovation have been driving change in the system for many, many years. We can use digital technology to make it easier and more effective to meet that preference. The future of the digital technology looks promising. Many new technologies continue to emerge to bridge the gaps. The benefits of digitally transforming processes in anyplace are well-documented.   Digital technology core functionalities are based on solving real pain points that everyone feels every day.


                Global health initiatives have been a tremendous benefactor of digital transformation. Activities ranging from accessing medical record online to tracking meals in a mobile app that were completely unheard of about a decade ago are now a prevalent element of everyday life. Since individuals have taken advantage of using digital tools within the context of monitoring their health. To an extent, this “health consciousness” has become somewhat inescapable. In addition to the way dynamic gymnasium software and advanced exercise equipment can directly track our fitness routines, pursuing health has begun to move outside of daily trips to the gym. While most smartphones now come with a built-in movement tracker, advanced wearables like Fitbits, Apple watches, etc. provide detailed and actionable insights regarding our activity levels on a 24-hour scale. This has changed the perception of fitness from a small segmented trip to the gym to a perpetual scale. With both fitness and healthcare technology exhibiting no signs of decline any time soon, the potential for its use and improvement in the future is boundless.






PUBLISHED: 4 years ago