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Optimizing SaaS Sales Cycle with Gokaddal

By Admin 2020-03-03

SaaS stands for software as a service. It is a type of software hosted, secured, and managed by a single provider. It can be accessed online, easily customized, and is serviced and supported by the provider’s own product engineers and customer success team. It’s the present and future of software, and it requires a different type of selling. SaaS sales cycles vary depending on price, customers, and product complexity. The more expensive your product is, the more stakeholders will be involved which can lengthen your process by weeks or even months. Here are four additional factors that slow down SaaS sales cycles: New markets: If you’re selling a product in the new markets, your sales cycle might be longer because your spending more time communicating your use case and value to potential clients. This will extend your sales cycle, but it’s crucial to educate new markets before selling to them. Enterprise business: Selling to enterprise-level companies increases the number of stakeholder's touchpoints and is usually accompanied by more legal and technical process. Complex software: The more complex your software is, the longer your sales cycle is likely to be. It’s important to make sure the right prospects are in the room during your demo to champion your cause to less savvy colleagues. Here, the target segment selling is important. Free trials: Free trials can also affect SaaS sales cycles. If you offer a 30-day free trial, this could lengthen the sales cycle significantly. This type of selling is better value-added in single point selling. With Gokaddal, SaaS solution providers can optimize the sale cycle process by getting listed on the platform. It will help to reduce the initial touchpoints and followup as solution seekers will have transparency about the product and its usability. Additionally, Gokaddal will able to help companies penetrate the market globally bridging international trade and communication barriers. With competitive advantage as a whole, SaaS solution providers can be in a better place if we try to use a transactional sales model since the cost associated with this level of software is generally higher, the buyer requires more personalized service to make a purchase, thus necessitating a sales team where Gokaddal can leverage the process, by understanding the exact customized requirement. Gokaddal is helping organization to bring their solution onboard and outsourcing it worldwide. If you think that your company have a disruptive solution which is unique and can optimize the process or visualize the workflow or integrate the unstructured data....... Gokaddal is the place where you can scale up your business. For further engagement, please mail at cbo@merkadorha.com


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