Depending upon your solution type, if it is a SaaS kind of solution, seeker can buy it directly from Gokaddal Cloud platform and use it, if it is integrated kind of solution, you can deliver it with Gokaddal Delivery Partners.
1) Our Gokaddal is SSLs 7 Secured.
2) We have a define privacy policy for different users which can be viewed online.
3) Our payment gateway (Razorpay) is SSL Certified & highly Secured for any transection.
Gokaddal is a very secure platform where you can save your solutions details, we are taking care of all security credentials.
You can contact us at Info@gokaddal.com for any issue regarding services. Our team will come back to you soon.
Disruption1, Disruption2 & Disruption3 are the three different Subscription modals you can pick at the time of login.
Bids/RFP depends on packages you pick.
Gokaddal will help you to grow your business and penetrate globally as a cloud Aggregator & GTM Partner, Gokaddal will showcase your different solutions to different solution seekers globally.

Solution Seeker will login to gokaddal, check out & compare different solutions, according to his/her requirement he will select and buy directly.
Different number of images can be uploaded, Videos will be uploaded to Merkado RHA you tube Channel, seekers can watch those videos from your provider page.
You can check your payment for online sailing of your product in your account.

Company Profile, Company Credentials, Solution PPT, Videos, Details, Images, Solution Demo, GST Number.
Gokaddal provides you space and storage for hosting your solutions & if you need extra space for hosting your data, Gokaddal will provide and charge accordingly.

Gokaddal is a Digital Cloud solution exchange platform, sales will be cloud based.
Host can upload different number of solutions he has, there is no limit, for every different solution he will get a different page.
Please click the right category (Provider or seeker), create your one time login and start.
Sign up and create a new account, fill up your details like your company Name, select user type, what kind of solution you want to provide or what kind of solution you are looking for, if you are a solution provider then complete your payments and sign in.
Gokaddal has 3 type of Customers :
1) PROVIDERS : Solution providers, Solution developers, Solution startups
2) SEEKERS : Solution adopters, Solution buyers
3) INTEGRATORS : Solution integrators looking for Digital solutions
Gokaddal offers 3 main features :
1. Solution Aggregation
2. Solution Marketplace
3. Solution Delivery
Apart from this, some basic features offered are :
1. Solution Search based on location and industry vertical
2. Solution comparison
3. Solution Bidding/RFP process
4. Solution procurement
5. Solution Delivery
Cisco Kinetic or Reliance Unlimit or Hyperthings are IOT platforms. Gokaddal has IOT solutions as one of the many categories but Gokaddal does not offer Cloud Integration for IOT products and applications like what these platforms do. We are a diverse platform offerings multiple features but not real time integration.
Amazon is a market place for products and services. Gokaddal has market place as one of the features and that too only for Digital Solutions (eg Gokaddal has a Digital Health Check Solution which comprises of Hardware, Software, Services and Consumables). Amazon marketplace sells products and services only. Another feature of Gokaddal is to delivery SaaS applications for Digital Solution. This feature is akin to Azure but Gokaddal goes ahead with offering other two features : Aggregation and Marketplace also.
Gokaddal Technologies FZCO
Technohub 1, DTEC
Dubai Sillicon Oasis, Dubai UAE
Please click here and submit your interest
Gokaddal is World’s First and Only Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud Platform. Like a Stick exchange where Stock owners, Stock buyers and Stock sellers come together, Gokaddal functions as a Digital Solutions Exchange where Solutions Provider, Solution Seeker and Solution Integrator come together to Look for Digital solutions, Search, Compare, Bid/propose, Buy and Deliver from one single platform. Gokaddal is a combination of Solution Aggregator + Solution Marketplace + Solution Delivery cloud.
Gokaddal is a professional organisation managed by a team of highly professional experts. More info on our Leadership and management team can be found here.
Gokaddal Technologies FZCO is registered as a Free Zone company under UAE Laws at Dubai Sillicon Oasis, a Technology sector Free zone in Dubai.
Gokaddal Technologies FZCO is a Emerging Technology company focused on Digital Transformation Solutions and Services.
Gokaddal Technologies FZCO is the name of Company whereas Gokaddal Platform is the Product/Service name offered by the company. Gokaddal Platform is “World’s First Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud Platform”.
Gokaddal focus is on 4 A’s of Digital Transformation :
1. Automation
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Augmentative
4. Analytics
On Industry and Vertical front, Gokaddal focus is on major verticals like Smart Cities, Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Transportation, Security, Retail, BFSI and Technology.
Being a cloud platform, we cater to entire global markets. However in terms of our major focus, as of now, our major focus is in India, Middle East, Africa and South Asia. We plan to increase our focus to Latin America and Eastern Europe by end of 2020 and to rest of world in 2021.
Vendors Charge according to their solution and your requirement, solution seekers can compare solutions & prices of different solution providers.
Gokaddal will make sure you will find perfect solution for your requirement, or you can approach different solution Providers.
For SaaS modals you can directly go, check and download demo version of solutions from Gokaddal.
You can directly make payments online through our payment links provided.
E-Billing and e-invoice will be provided for every transaction through Gokaddal.
For Solution providers we have three different modals which you can subscribe and will be charged accordingly. Solution Seekers need not to pay any money for login and searching solution.
You can check your payment details in your account as “payment details”
Once we verify your details, your account will be activated for payments.
Got it!

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