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Wireless Diesel Generator Monitoring & Management Solution

Gill Sense Diesel Management System is designed to work with any Diesel Generator to monitor and provide real-time information on KPIs such as fuel consumption, DG run hours, fuel refills, DG health, and DG battery voltage. Our proprietary algorithms are designed for automated diesel monitoring and accounting to eliminate variables such as diesel tank shapes and sizes, temperature variations, etc., to provide maximum accuracy in measurements. Auto Mode: Starts DG after 20 sec whenever power fails and stop the DG whenever power resumes back. On mode: Manually starts the DG irrespective of EB status. Off Mode: Manually stops the DG irrespective of EB status.(emergency stop) All the three modes can be selected from mobile App also. Notifications and Alerts: Fuel theft/Fail to start/Fail to stop/Battery low/Temperature high : notifications will be delivered to you doesn't matter where you are.

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