Solution Detail

Wireless Multi Tank Water Management Solution

This system is highly scale-able you can extend this system up to any no of tanks. Lets look at typical water management solution where you need to handle multiple tanks. From the pump house one pipe line runs to multiple tanks. In process control or food processing industries these tanks are located in different locations may be 100 to 500 mtrs. In case tank goes empty it can lead to malfunction in process control, in case of overflow this can lead to wastage or even accidents. we can solve this problem with IoT. At every tank we need to install one IoT gateway with solenoid valve and level sensor and one gateway and sensor will be installed at pump house also. The good thing is everything works wireless. On your Gill Sense App you will be able to view the status of tanks. You can set the priority for tanks, so that when two or more tanks are empty, at the same time based on priority filling will start. This entire system works even if internet fails, since the control is managed by local embedded server. This system provides protection against dry run which can happen because of Pump problem or breakage in the pipe line or non-availability of water in the pump house.

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