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I/O Sense  offers the partner organisation a unique opportunity to own an IoT infrastructure (Cloud or On premise) with access to exclusive and generic features & resources.

The most important thing is to identify the inefficiencies in order to proactively respond. This requires a higher level of visibility throughout the infrastructure of concern. It can be a commercial building, factory, water distribution infrastructure, campus, etc.

In order to achieve that, Faclon Labs have come up with an end-to-end IoT product that will enable consumers with a comprehensive & smart management of their energy consumption.

Key Problems in Energy | Commercial & Industrial Infrastructure:

  • Unable to get real-time plant operational overview to make informed decisions.
  • No structured & centralized data accessibility & no data interpretation to explore saving opportunities.
  • Manual Data Logging of parameters; so no data driven approach which leads to inefficient operations.
  • Inability to benchmark & accurately track the optimal energy utilization & operational parameters.
  • Difficulty in performing in-depth Analytics to get meaningful insights. Unable to notice any faults which can be rectified instantly & may avoid breakdowns.
  • Energy loss due to inefficient machine operations as they remain unnoticed over longer duration.
  • Equipment damage & life reduction due to Poor Power Quality. Penalties due to Low PF, reactive losses, Crossing the Maximum Sanctioned Demand.
  • High Energy Cost due to Load Inefficiency, poor power quality, unplanned downtimes.
  • Unable to keep track of critical equipments’ performance viz. Transformer Loading, Transformer losses, Transmission & Distribution losses.
  • Difficult to maintain the Data Log Historians. Some of those being mandatory for regulatory compliances.

Communication Protocols Compatibility:

DI & AI, Modbus RS485, HART, LoRaWan, Telecom (4G LTE/3G/2G), MQTT, WiFi, etc.

IO Sense Solution:

Real-time monitoring of electrical parameters. Hourly, shift wise, daily and monthly consumption trends for energy utilization.

  • Machine performance and utilization analysis & comparison of the same with different machines or processes.
  • Seamless IT-OT Integration to Integrate multiple devices as flow meters, temperature - pressure - humidity sensors,  energy meters, PLCs, Air Compressor/ DG controllers all on a single customisable platform. Smart Drag & Drop Dashboards for different process elements.
  • Harmonic analysis and alerting if it goes beyond threshold limits.
  • Keeps track of Energy Performance Index (EnPI) by integrating production data manually or through third party software integration.
  • Smart features for alerts, benchmarking, reporting, analytics & platform customization services.
  • Multi-hierarchical architecture to ensure visibility for all tiers of management and operations. SMS & Email alerts to proactively respond to anomaly. Automated daily monthly MIS Reports (pdf & excel).
  • Tariff comparison, Incomer peak load tracking, Load switching (Actuating relays) operations.
  • TOD analysis - Demand Control and Load Shedding alerts. Real-time interactive Digital SLD Configuration.


Application | IO Sense:

  • Manufacturing Industries, Process Industries, Steel & Metal Industries, Chemical Industries, Pharma Industries, IT Buildings, Data Centers, Hotels,

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