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I/O Sense’ converges the water data to help water authorities & departments smartly manage water rationing, pumping operations, water quality, leakages, system downtimes, pilferages & monetary losses.

We also provide gateways (ST-Series) to enable wireless sensor data acquisition.


Key Problems in Water Infrastructure Management | Commercial, Residential & Industrial Infrastructure

  • Lack of Operational Visibility:

Lack of real-time centralized monitoring leads to delayed response to event occurred like break-downs, overflows at tank.

  • Lack of Supply Control & Water Wastage:

Lack of supply data & operator on-site dependency leads to disproportionate & excess supply.

  • Energy & Monetary Losses:

Over-sized & old pumps, low power factor & lesser managed pumping time leads to high energy wastage to up-to 40%.

  • No Efficiency Management:

 Pumps efficiency is not monitored to take actions for replacement & maintenance.

  • High Maintenance Cost:

Poor protection & improper utilization leads to damages, reduced efficiency & frequent downtimes.

  • No Data Driven Decisions:

Data needs to be gathered, warehoused & analyzed seamlessly to drive decision making for the current & future demand and operations.



We Can Help:

Commercial Buildings, Residential Parks & Industrial Setups, Water Supply Boards, Municipal Corporations to take care of their ‘Water Management Requirements’.

Communication Protocols Compatibility:

DI & AI, Modbus RS485, HART, LoRaWan, Telecom (4G LTE/3G/2G), MQTT, WiFi, etc.

I/O Sense converges the water data to help water authorities & departments smartly to manage:

  • Water Rationing, Pumping Operations, Monetary Losses, System Downtimes, Pilferages & leakages

I/O Sense IoT Platform Features:

  • Consumer Management:

Information regarding water meters, tariff, financials, property attributes, consumer attributes can be viewed by every single consumers.

  • Accounts Management:

Manually/ Automatically manage the payments & ledger.

  • Tariff Management:

Define multiple tariffs & apply to the varied consumer segments.

  • Leak Management:

SMS alerts are raised in case there are a constant leaks & anomalies.

  • Billing Management:

Define the schedules to send the bills/ reminders via SMS & Emails.

  • Reports:

Get reports on consumption, revenue, outages, leaks, demand-supply etc.

  • Highly User Customisable Platform:

Use inbuilt ‘Drag & Drop’ features to develop your own custom  Dashboards






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