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IMPACT DSA can natively connect to any physical system , digital platform s, sm art sensors or software applications to collect, store, analyse, visualize and report outcom es. Built on a globally award winning Open Source platform , IMPACT DSA helps unclutter data & convert it to insights.

IoT for Everyone

IMPACT DSA is built on the globally acclaimed open source DSA platform which has been used by global giants.

The right to your data:

Coming from an era where we see frustrated and dissapointed customers who have been locked into proprietary platforms with no access to their data, we decided to bring a complete disruptive change to that with our ethical commitment.

The right to your source code

When we say open source, we mean it . The source code of IMPACT DSA is based on the globally acclaimed DSA platform which can be freely downloaded from Git hub. Yes, we mean what we say.

The Right to Build What You Want

Customers are extremely frustrated with the brickwalled approach that is taken by propriet ary OEMs that prohibits innovation. With IMPACT DSA, we allow customers the ability to build their own drivers, applications and use cases freely.

The Right to Deploy how You Want

Customers can now choose their deployment models. IMPACT DSA supports edge, fog, local, private cloud & public cloud deployments giving customers the security of their data and the flexibility of options to deploy as per their policies.



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