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How IoT is helping deliver a profitable cold chain business The cold chain industry in India is booming and growing leaps and bounds. This growth attracts competition. Our technology helps cold chain operators stay ahead of the curve and provide services at a lower cost with higher profit margins.

Scope of IoT in cold chain in dustry today.

Farm/ Harvest

  •  Soil Monitoring 

  • Drone Monitoring

  • Pre-Cooling


  • Manpower Optimisation

  • Temp/Humidity Control

  • Energy Management


  • GPS Monitoring

  • Transit Compliance

  •  Digital Logs


  • Crate Tracking

  • HVAC Monitoring

  • Equipment Maintenance


  • Freezer Monitoring

  • Equipment Health

  • 24x7 Monitoring

Top 3 Problems that IoT can deliver in the cold chain domain

IoT stack is an end-to-end solution for the management of your complete cold chain requirement from collection to storage to distribution

Deliver Manpower Optimisation

Our Technology enables you to provision, calculate and determine manpower requirements for your facility & optimize the cost of manpower

Deliver Efficiency with Compliance

Ensure that compliance ismet at the lowest possible cost.Predict equipment failures, control energy costs, control HVAC maintenance to reduce costs

Deliver Centralized Data Intelligence

Data isthe key decision maker in termsof all business decisions.Integrate all data setsof your operations to take real time decisionswhich add to profits


  1. Deliver operat ional transparency
  2. Deliver central intelligence
  3. Deliver insights based on equipment performance
  4. Deliver reduced KWh/Sqft Energy Intensity
  5. Deliver transparen cy in your HVAC operations
  6. Deliver operational efficiency of your warehouse throug hinsights
  7. Deliver manpower efficiency through tracking & monitoring
  8. Deliver crate tagging & inventory control
  9. Deliver operational transparency & profits using IoT


IoT Software & Gateway options to get you started

  • Software

  • IoT Gateway : O3i INVICTUS

IoT controller & smart sensor options to get you going

  • IoT IO Controller : O3i VECTOR

  • Predict ive Analyt ics Sensor : O3i VECTOR


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