Solution Detail

Intelligent Process Automation Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Expertise in RPA tools like UiPath,Ultimate RPA and Python based custom bot factory

Marketing Automation using RPA and Chatbots

  • Marketing automation solutions using RPA and Chatbots to convert lead conversations to potential clients

Business Process Automation

  • Use of Robotic Process Automation, IoT and AI/ML to automate complex business processes

QA Test Automation using RPA

  • Automate functional and manual testing using RPA. Improve turnaround time for various test cycles.

RPA Deployment and Monitoring

  • In house solutions for automating RPA deployment and managing infrastructure. Monitoring solutions to provide data analytics on robot performance



  • Think of Automation –Think Auxiliobits. Using RPA and solutions around AI/ML we provide automation solutions and CoEfor that,


  • Leverage our ChatBotcapabilities to automate marketing and lead generation efforts

Infrastructure and Deployment

  • Use our core expertise in deploying and monitoring the RPA bots in heterogeneous environments


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