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FACE-X The Power of AI in one Device

Touchless AI Based Face Recognition with Mask Detection & Temperature Measurement.

FACEX is an open platform Linux based AI enabled Access Control System. Its ability to measure the forehead temperature accurately & detect the use of facial masks has made it the ideal choice of all customers today, FACEX has made it very easy for customers to migrate from traditional biometric installations to Facial Detection without the change of any Infrastructure. FACEX becomes an Ideal Choice for customers wanting to use it in New Installations as well as in Retrofitting old Installations. FACEX comes with a Variety of Installation Standards that can be used based on your design requirements. Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Banks, Retail or just about any place which requires com pliance based Access Control with Touch-less ease.

Cloud based Analytics.

Can integrate with existing Access Control Systems.Lived etection mode using duallens. Fake Detectionalert for Photos /Videos.

7-inch LCD display.

Inbuilt Tem perature Alert Alarm, with Recognition distance <1m

 Displays temperature measurement results on device display.

Temperature accuracy ±0.4 °C. with range from 0-125°C.

 Inbuilt Mask Detection Alarm.

TCP/ IP com m unication for data transfer.

 Ability to com m unicate over the cloud using an optional 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G connectivity Module.

 High perform ance ARM chip with deep learning recognition algorithm.

Facial Recognition tim e within 0.5s within distance from 0.5m to 2.0 (Expandable with Lens).

Person recognition height is from 140cm to 190cm (Based on Installation height).

 110db wide dynam ic cam era for poor lighting conditions.

 Dual-lens Intelligent facial recognition engine which is unaffected by expressions, eyes, and beard.

 Multi-Mode Reading Options : Face, RFID - EM / Mifare.

 User Capacity : 20,000 Faces.

 Storage of Records : 200,0000 (Expandable).

 Photo Com pare function via im port of JPEG Im ages of Users.

 Fast face recognition and access, and face recognition accuracy rate is up to 99.8%.

 Ability to Integrate with any brand of Access Control System.

 Wiegand 26 Bit Transfer protocol to integrate with existing access controllers for easy retrofit.

 Inbuilt Alarm input and output for standalone usage.

 SDK/ API for third party software integration for direct com m unication with Access Control, ERP, HRMS etc.

 Multiple mounting options : Tabletop, Floor Mount, Turnstile, Wall Mount etc.99.98% Proven Accuracy. Cloud based Analytics. Can integrate with existing Access Control Systems. Livedet ection mode using dual lens. Fake Detection alert for Photos/Videos. FACEX

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