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Eco-Struxure Asset Advisor Helps Secure Operational Excellence

As part of our digital services for asset management, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor transforms data from your critical electrical distribution assets into actionable insights.

Get actionable and data-driven service recommendations for your entire electrical distribution system to help ensure asset performance and safety with our asset management software and services including remote support.

Optimize your total cost of ownership

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is a suite of cloud-based electrical asset management software and digital services for critical electrical distribution equipment. It evaluates live data from your critical connected assets and applies advanced analytics to identify potential failure modes. Our experts provide actionable web dashboards, timeline reports, and recommendations with operational support for people on-site.

Manage risk: 24/7 remote monitoring helps keep track of your critical asset’s health at every stage of the asset lifecycle

Attain operational excellenceMake more informed decisions to optimize your asset’s lifetime, thereby ensuring operational continuity

Ensure personnel safety: Safety is paramount. The early anomaly detection feature helps prevent catastrophic failures

Achieve financial efficiency: Minimize unplanned shutdown, monitor energy consumption and optimize maintenance budget

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