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Eco-Struxure Schneider Source Advisor: First integrated energy and sustainability data platform for global enterprises.

Moving from  data  to  action



data streams that are  accurate, aggregated, and  accessible everywhere.

Like all businesses, your company uses energy, water, and other  resources. It also creates waste. But does it track and manage  these activities efficiently?


Put your data to work

Measuring and analyzing resource consumption can help you reduce risk, avoid costs,  improve efficiency, and operate more sustainably. Proactive companies are able to

move from ‘how do we work to collect data?’ to exploring ‘how can our data work for us?’

Resource data is available from across your enterprise, including electricity, water, gas,  steam, waste, and more. Leverage this data by making it active, and providing the context  needed for decision-making.

To do this effectively, you need a data catalyst. That catalyst is EcoStruxure™ Resource Advisor.



Put your data to work

Resource Advisor is the world’s leading data management platform to collect and combine  procurement, usage, and sustainability information from multiple data sources, including:

Interval meters
Utility data
Energy Management Systems (EMS)
Building Management Systems (BMS)
Equipment and processes
Pricing sources
Production systems
Weather experts
Manually entered or bulk-uploaded user data


Our data accuracy methods ensure you can trust your reporting and make decisions with  confidence. Choose any, or all, of the options above to begin populating Resource Advisor,  then add more over time as your needs change and grow. Resource Advisor’s uncompromising  approach to data integrity includes validation tests that identify inaccurate or incomplete data  and an audit trail that documents all changes.


When data is missing, specified owners receive alerts to drive participation across your entire  enterprise. And, best of all, Schneider Electric supports Resource Advisor with an entire team

of global data experts to help optimize your data, as well as connect you with other data services  and resources as necessary.

Got it!

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