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axisCONSERVE 4.0 An Integrated IoT Solution for Sustainable Manufacturing

Industrial IOT

axisCONSERVE 4.0 is an Industry 4.0, cloud based, IoT enabled analytics solution for industrial utilities that delivers improved performance, signicant reduction in cost, increased asset life and contributes to your sustainability objectives.

    axisCONSERVE 4.0


    An Integrated Hardware and Software IoT Solution for Sustainable Manufacturing



    axisCONSERVE 4.0 is an Industry 4.0, cloud-based, IoT enabled analytics solution for industrial utilities that delivers improved performance, significant reduction in cost, increased asset life and contributes to your sustainability objectives.



    EcoAxis solution with online automated dashboards, reports and analytics are accessible using any device, anytime, anywhere.



    Expertise on all basic utilities


    • Boiler / Thermic Fluid Heater
      • Easy identication of leakage by monitoring and comparing feedwater and steam ow rate
      • Real time monitoring of efficiency drop helps in identifying and rectifying losses because of insulation damage, soot deposition etc
      • Improvement in boiler efficiency through real-time monitoring of ue gas - oxygen and temperature
    • Water / Effluent Treatment Plants
      • Improve performance and life of membranes through continuous monitoring and comparison of permeate ow and temperature
      • Helps eliminate ETP upsets by monitoring critical parameters such as TDS, temperatures, permeate ow etc
      • Early warnings on potentially non-compliant discharges
    • Compressors
      • Improved utilization and reduction in energy consumption through regular monitoring loading/unloading patterns
      • Enhance the performance and life of the moving components by continuous monitoring of specic energy consumption
    • Chillers
      • Insights from the increase in energy consumption (kW/TR) to check for maintenance in insulation, pumps and motors
      • Greatly enhance operating life and efciency through routine monitoring of approach temperatures
    • Pumps*
      • Insights on current drawn, temperature, vibration analysis to pre-determine potential failures/breakdowns
      • Enhanced maintenance scheduling and improved energy efciency resulting in improved pump life and cost savings
    • Diesel Generators*
      • Savings through monitoring and alerting of theft/leakage
      • Early warnings by analysing noise level variations, overheating and usual engine temperature
    • Energy/Power Management 
      • Reduction in energy losses through reduction in equipment idle time
      • Reduction in maximum demand electricity charges through better load monitoring and scheduling
      • Reduction in energy consumption through monitoring of distribution/transmission and power factor

    * Features that will be available in our future releases


    axisCONSERVE 4.0 empowers with actionable insights to quickly improve performance



    Deviation Analysis

    • Easily identify deviating parameters
    • Spot inconsistencies against threshold across time periods
    • Compare and analyze KPIs and parameters across equipment
    • Analysis of extent, occurrences and duration of deviations

    Performance Analytics

    • Specic fuel/energy consumption reports
    • Efciency analysis across equipment
    • Track run hours and idle hours of each equipment
    • Unied reports of multiple equipment
    • Daily, monthly and annual reports

    Energy Consumption Analysis

    • Current and historical energy consumption across equipment
    • Running load versus peak load reports
    • Ease of compliance with ISO:50001
    • Daily reports on critical and non-critical loads


    • Quickly benchmark equipment parameters
    • Improve operating practices

    Alerts / Notifications

    • Timely alerts for immediate action
    • Know critical variations to reduce wastage, improve efciency and prevent breakdowns
    • Notication on any device, anytime and anywhere

    Easy Onboarding

    • Seamless integration with multiple makes and models
    • Easy and swift onboarding of industrial equipment
    • Realize value quickly with pre-dened models
    • Pre-congured industrial equipment templates

    Consolidated Dashboards

    • Easy access dashboards specic to users
    • Unied access to multi-plant/unit level dashboards
    • Hierarchical views – section and equipment level

    Data Security and Protection

    • Secure and encrypted data exchange from edge to cloud
    • Role based access control to information
    • Zero data loss through data replication
    • Hosted on ISO 27001 certied Cloud provider
    • Edge storage to protect from network failures


    • Easy access to KPIs and trends
    • Download reports in easy access formats
    • Subscription to automated email reports

    Business System Integration

    • Easy integration with MES and ERP
    • On demand access to service ticketing/maintenance systems


    About EcoAxis


    EcoAxis is a pioneer in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). We have deep experience, expertise and commitment towards developing intelligent and actionable insights to deliver business value. EcoAxis delivers end-to-end solutions all the way from consulting, data acquisition, edge computing, BigData processing, operational and business analytics to machine learning – delivered via our cloud based framework SuperAxisTM.



    EcoAxis has deployed its IoT solution in 15+ industrial domains and analysed over 15 trillion data points in the last 10 years. We are proud recipient of the 2017 Frost and Sullivan Growth Excellence Leadership Award for Industrial IoT – BigData Industry and have been consistently named in India’s top Industrial IoT companies.









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