Solution Detail

CRAMAT is a mobile app based tracking and monitoring solution.

It is based on the idea of tamper proof capture of pictures, locations, time and other parameters for a field based operation in a single click reported back to the control center in real time.

CRAMAT for Smart Cities

Tracking & Monitoring use Cases

Civic issues Reporting System

City Cleaning Monitoring System

Project Tracking System

Field  Attendance System

Selfie Attendance System

Unauthorised Constructions Tracking

Election issues reporting system

Vehicle Insurance and Valuations

How It works

1. Citizen clicks picture of civic problem with smartphone using CRAMAT app.

2. Checks preview

3. Selects Category

4. Within few seconds picture and details get uploaded.

5. Complainant & Concerned officers get instant alerts via SMS and Email.(The alert contains unique complaint ID and a tracking URL that shows status, picture and location etc.)

6. Senior officials via Login can check complaints and its redressal.

7. Senior official also receives statistics on weekly basis.


CRAMAT enables Citizens to reporting civic issues like



Non-functional street lights

Encroachments, etc


GIS based Mohali City Cleaning Monitoring System is Geographical Information System built on top of CRAMAT platform to track attendance, uniforms, proper equipment, safety gear and performance of field personnel of the entire mohali city. This system uses smart phone and cloud based tracking technologies that send tamper proof pictures, their corresponding locations and capture times to the Operations Command Center via internet  in real time.


Entire city of Mohali was divided into 469 beats with one person each responsible for its sweeping and upkeep. These were marked on a digital map in different colors.

Got it!

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