Solution Detail

SelfCheck Kiosk

Current catastrophic situation made us realize the importance of hygiene for safe environment. To rejuvenate the idea of hygiene AKCMed presents a smart detoxifying unit “SELFCHECK” for fighting the global pandemic.

Touchless “SELFCHECK” automatically measures body temperature in seconds. “SELFCHECK” is an invaluable solution for quick detection of illnesses and reduce the spread of bacteria & viruses, it vets staff members and the public before entry to premises such as Schools, Malls, Restaurants, factories, Railway stations, Airports, and Corporate offices.

The kiosk features a touch-less UV-C Box to disinfect the bag, cell phone, and keys in less than 10 seconds. UV-C Box kills 99% Viruses and Bacteria within 10 seconds on exposed surface.

Got it!

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