Solution Detail

CRAMAT for Pandemic Situation

Tracking of Quarantined Users

  • Daily and Timely Reporting via geo-tagged selfies/pics
  • Presence management tracking
  • Alert to nearest Healthcare and Law Enforcement bodies
  • Trending analysis
  • Can cover wider areas and population base

Can be used to tracked nearest Medicos and medical help in emergency

Overview of the Application

Quarantine Attendance is an app that allows health authorities and citizens under home quarantine to collaborate for successful completion of home quarantine period.

The citizens under quarantine can report their presence at their designated place of quarantine using one click that captures their pictures, GPS location and timestamps in a reliable manner.

The pictures can be taken by the quarantined persons themselves or their attendants.

The health authorities in their respective cities or states can monitor all such geotagged pictures at one place from a web-based login.

They can take required measures if the attendance is not marked by the quarantined citizen from their expected place.

This app has been created to put in place a fool proof system of marking attendance of home quarantined citizens. It is being offered to all health authorities across the country free of cost.

This app is built on well tested CRAMAT platform.

Development Authority and many municipal corporations across India use apps built on the same platform in their day to day use and have processed millions of selfie attendance and other field monitoring reports in the last five years.


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