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Edmingle : An Educational Platform.

Build Your ONLINE ACADEMY and Grow Your Business!

Launch your online courses under your own brand, share your hard-earned knowledge and build a strong student community.

A UNIFIED platform to CREATE, MARKET & SELL your online courses

Whether you are just starting out or an already established institute, Edmingle’s powerful, easy to use and All-In-One technology will help you quickly set up your online courses, promote them on your website or app and grow your student following.

Build Your Course

Create & upload curriculum

Upload videos, materials, quizzes and other interactive content to build an engaging course curriculum in a well structured sequence which makes sense for your learners.

Schedule & publish courses

Publish your content in a well-curated learning path to optimize student learning experience

Market and sell

Course Landing Pages

Showcase your course in a way that conveys it's value to the learners. No technical knowledge required.

In-built Marketing Tools

Integrate with your favourite payment gateway, setup course pricing and start reaching out to students via in-built SMS and email system.



Publish your own mobile application and expand you accessibility even further. Easy-to-use and robust mobile application which lets your student access your courses anywhere / anytime and further strengthens your brand.

You are all set for Student Engagement!

Student success is the biggest factor that contributes to your business growth. Use our powerful student features to make your students thrive.


Course progress tracking

Course discussion

Weekly reminders

Digital Certificates

Got it!

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